Book Haul

These are some books I ordered on Amazon that I received last week. I know it’s late but better late than never.

Admittedly, I was very excited about the one in the middle since, when I was in middle school, I loved and obsessed over the Inheritence Cycle and as such have already read it. I plan to post a review soon.

I have more books I plan to buy soon since I have gift cards and there are two books I got just before New Years that I have to post but those will come in time.


As a kid, I was fascinated by the idea of diaries and journals. As such, I started a journal in a college ruled notebook with a sassy picture of a cool bunny in sunglasses on the cover (those were the original memes.) O quickly ran into trouble though. I found I was listing the events of my day without really discussing any of my feelings or thoughts on those events. As a result, it was hard to keep interested. That isn’t to say I didn’t fill a dozen or more notebooks and journals but I found that I would journal in spurts and the time between entries could vary from a day to a year and a half.

Meanwhile, I was also writing stories and doodling in other notebooks while I was in class. I found that I focused better by giving myself a place to safely exercise my over-active imagination without damaging my note taking. I filled three or four times as many of those notebooks as I had my designated journals. I called those chaotic pages of musings, rants, and poorly drawn pictures my ransom notebooks.

In college, I eventually stopped writing in my journals and just kept writing in my random notebooks. However I felt guilty that I had given up on the journaling process.

Then, sitting in my screen writing class, I realized I was journaling. For me, journaling was much more than recording the events of my day. The real truth of who I am lay buried in my random notebooks.

As such it is a process I continue with to this day.

These are some of my most recent ones (I am not always good at just keeping everything in one journal.)

This is my favorite one at the moment. It is a sketchbook I bought because I have a quill pen and ink and initially intended to use this strictly with the quill. I even thought about doing bullet journaling with it but it has quickly been converted to a random notebook with things I have glued in for projects I intend to do or am working on, random musings, doodles, and lists. I even used some of my sharpies I don’t get to use often. Best part is I am having fun.

These two I often travel with but they aren’t as much fun.

Moral of the story, whatever you use to record your thoughts or feelings in whatever way feels right for you, that is your journaling process. Enjoy it.

Obligatory Introductory Post

My name is Krystal and I am a 24 year old, multi-faceted girl living in New York State. I have always wanted to write a blog and at first I wanted a blog solely dedicated to writing about reading and writing. However, I quickly lost interest because reading and writing are only 2 of my many interests. I also ride horses (I have a paint gelding I love named Colorado), do farm work, am a practicing Wiccan, sew, knit, and craft things out of horse shoes. So, starting here on New Year’s Day, I have decided to try blogging again but this time incorporating all the things I enjoy and do. I also am setting a more realistic goal for myself in terms of this blog that, instead of blogging every day, I’ll just blog when I have something to share (which hopefully will be weekly).

I am sure there is a part of every blogger, writer, artist, ect that wants their work to be renowned and I am no different. A part of me hopes this blog will become popular, famous even. However another part of me is also just doing this for me and I just want to see where the year takes me.

To anyone joining me in my journey, I hope you enjoy it. Happy New Year!

P.S This is Colorado after a ride this summer followed by a nice cool down. He is such a good boy.